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ECO-MINE Mineral & Exploration Dr. Krassmann

For almost 10 years we have compiled a massive database covering the full spectrum of mineral commodities, metallic and non-metallic mineral potential as well as about individual mines and regional mining information. ECO-MINE Economic Mineral Database currently hosts about 100.000 full text searchable data files, giving you fast and easy access to a wealth of relevant mining and mineral related information. Please click to have a look at our ECO-MINE Presentation for more information.

Publications & Maps

The following publications may be downloaded as pdf-files or images for your perusal and for distribution to friends & partners. Sorry, mostly in german language though. Please do not republish any content without prior permission by us. Thank you !.

Germany : Mining, Geology and Mineral Resources:

Volcanic Emissions - Underestimated Hazard for German & European Energy Supply

published in "Bergbau", Vol. 63, No. 6, June 2012

Gold Mining in Germany - History and Future Potential

Primary gold deposits & gold mines in Germany, published in GLÜCK AUF, No. 11/2010

Fahrkünste - Vom Harz in die Welt

Historical review of man engines in deep mines and their worldwide development and distribution, 2004, extended version 2010

Northern & Western Germany :

New : Trip Report "Last View on the Rammelsberg Mine", Harz Mountains, Germany

1994, updated and extended 2013

Underground Installations of the German WW II - Industry in Southern Lower Saxony, Germany

1999, updated and extended 2012

Geology and Mining in the Schaumburg Region and adjacent areas - Part 1

Introduction into geology and coal mining & Lieth adit system, 1998, updated and extended 2010

Geology and Mining in the Schaumburg region and adjacent areas - Part 2

Schaumburg & Minden - Meissen coal mining areas, 1998, updated and extended 2010

Geology and Mining in the Schaumburg region and adjacent areas - Part 3

Iron ore and potash / salt mining & Quarrying, 1998, updated and extended 2011

Wie Rauch überm Pfeifenkopf / Geology and Mining in the Schaumburg region and adjacent areas - Part 4

by Ernst Knickrehm / Obernkirchen 1999, edited by Thomas Krassmann, 2012

Montangeschichte im Leinebergland

History of iron ore mining and smelting at Delligsen / Lower Saxony, Germany, 1994

Southern & Eastern Germany :

New : Giant Salt Halite Crystals from the Merkers Mine, Thuringia, Germany

2007, erweitert 2014

Bavaria : Virtual Visit of the Reichhartschacht Fluorspar Mine, Wölsendorf area, Bavaria

2007, extended 2011

Europe : Mining, Geology and Mineral Resources:

Mining, Metal Resources and Exploration in Ireland

Manuscript 1987, reedited and extended 2010

Ibiza island geology field trip guide

with a note on lead and silver mining in Ibiza, 1993, extended 2010

Lanzarote & Graciosa island geology field trip guide

published in : AUFSCHLUSS, No. 9/10, 1996, revised online version 2010

Asia : Mining, Geology and Mineral Resources :

Central Anatolia / Turkey Geological Field Trip Guide & Diary 2002

Manuscript 2002, revised and reedited 2012

Underground cities of Cappadocia, Turkey : Myth and Reality, 2007

New : The Cam Pha Antimony Belt, Northern Vietnam (in english)

Excerpts from an on site visit 2010, Online Version : March 2014

Africa: Mining, Geology and Mineral Resources:

African Mining History

Extended text of a talk given in 2000

Southern Africa :

New : Namibia : Mining and Mineral Potential : A photo synopsis of the years 2005 - 2011 (bilingual : english / german)

Online version of a presentation given in Bochum, September 2014

South Africa : Resource Appraisal, Target Generation and Exploration Methodology within the Namaqua Metamorphic Province (in english)

1988, slightly edited online version 2014 - large file (15 MB !)

Namibia : Virtual Visit of the Natas Quartzberg with 20 m large quartz crystals

2008, extended 2010

Namibia : Virtual Visit of the Hoba Meteorite, Grootfontein area

2007, extended 2010

Namibia: Exploration, Mining und Mineral Resource Potential, 1989

Namibia & Namaqualand geology & mineralogy field trip report, 2009

Notes on the current mining industry in Namibia and Northern Cape, RSA, 2009

Other African Countries :

Operation Cleopatra : Diary of Emerald Prospecting in Southeastern Egypt

Emerald Mining in the Sikait Area; 1994, extended 2010

New : Olivine / Peridote from Seberged Island, Red Sea, Egypt

2007, extended 2014

New : Giant Vivianite from Anloua, Cameroon

2007, extended 2014

Other Mining and Mineral Resources related Publications:

Lapislazuli: occurrence, mining and market potential of a classic blue mineral pigment


The Exploration Geologist - globally active in remote areas (in german)

2008 published in "Wir sind überall", slightly edited 2013

Mineral Commodity & Mining Maps:

The following maps may be downloaded as gif-files for your perusal and for distribution to friends & partners. They show the current situation of availability and scarcity of various strategic metals and other commodities. Please do not publish any maps in professional papers, magazines, websites etc. without prior permission. Thank you and have a nice day.

Country Commodity & Mining Maps:

Slovenia: Current Mining Situation 2011

Germany : Gold Deposits and historic Gold Mines 2010

Germany : Gypsum and Anhydrite Producers 2010

Germany : Salt and Potash Producers 2010

Ireland : Current Mining Situation 2010

Namibia : Mineral Mining in 2010

Europe and Global Commodity & Mining Maps:

New : Europe : Active Potash Producers / Mines and Major Exploration & Development Projects 2014

Europe : Active Fluorspar Producers / Mines and Major Exploration & Development Projects 2013

World : Graphite Mines & Producers 2012

World : Borate Producers & Mining 2010

World : Molybdenum Producers & Mining 2009

World : Tungsten Producers & Mining 2009

World : Vanadium Producers & Mining 2009

World : Lapislazuli deposits and mines 2009